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Fiona's Wedding in Rhodes

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Greypuss Jewellery first met Fiona at Your Wedding Exhibition, in Aberdeen, in January 2016.

Fiona and her partner of several years were due to get married in Rhodes, an island they had visited many times before.

We talked to Fiona and she tried on a few things from our stand, and she left, saying she would be in touch nearer the time.

In April she contacted us, as her wedding was now drawing closer, being scheduled for May.

She made a private appointment, and arrived with her mum one evening.

She was looking for something for herself, and something her little girl, Zara could wear, as she was flower girl to her mum.

Eventually, after trying on many different pieces, she decided to buy our open weave diamante bridal band, and a narrow diamante bun wrap for Zara.

During the course of the evening I realised Fiona was a very busy lady. Not only does she have a full time  job, and a 4 year old to look after, but she is also very successful business lady, in her own right. Her Facebook name is Fiona Proud Ultimate Business Mum. Says it all!


Fiona and her husband had a wonderful time in Rhodes, the pinnacle of which was their wedding.

 Fiona, the bride.

 Zara giving her mum a traditional horseshoe.

 Mr & Mrs Wallace enjoying the beautiful Rhodes scenery

 The delightful Zara, prior to the wedding.

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